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but it actually scares me. yixing had to train for spectrum, new mama remix, we are the future, AND prepare for comeback?

sometimes, i hate it when i see the things of my dash where the compare bap saying “they need a rest” and exo fans saying “youve rested for too long make a comeback”

like, are you freaking kidding me? just because they don’t make a comeback doesn’t mean they’re resting? the health of the exo m members (bc i dont follow k) have been declining sooo much and you can definitely tell. if anything, they’re working 100x harder because they’re preparing for this comeback.

 im pretty sure the boys want to make a comeback more than the fans do….and frankly, releasing a comeback isn’t decided by themselves. its decided by the company, SM… and there’s so many factors that can’t be controlled. 

rather than praying for an exo comeback, i’ll just be silently praying for their health instead.

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