Hello, I'm Joyce, 95-liner. nice to meet you!!! ♥ // to make a wish. to dream a dream. // 我们怀抱里的这一个天堂, 另一个梦想,有无限的快乐 ♥ 做什么都是: 三分天才七分學。 一起加油一起努力 ❤

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HELLO! ^_^ new blog: xingmi-trans.tumblr

I’ve been gone for three months, and I’m so sorry for not posting a notice earlier T___T REALLY REALLY SORRY TT

It’s really been a while, and I’ve sort of migrated from Tumblr to Weibo. From hours on Tumblr each day, I spend hours on Weibo now and slowly…just drifted :(

BUT IM BACK! (sort of!) I don’t blog as often on tumblr anymore…~ but I haven’t left fandom, how could i ever leave….zhang yixing ;_;


It was opened on September 7 2013 , the date is exactly one month before yixings birthday~ please follow me on my new blog!! URL is [xingmi-trans.tumblr] it’s pretty much just translation, because thats the least I can do for the 12 amazing boys <3 hope to see you there, and leave me message in that tumblr if you did originally follow me from this blog <3

I love you all, thank you for everything you’ve given me <3 I owe you guys a lot of thank yous and i’m sorry i can’t repay them through xing-li. 

Hopefully talk to you guys soon…msg me on xingmi-trans tumblr or @tofuxing on twitter! heheh


galaxy exo-mdo not edit.

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崔努那 - do not edit

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2013XING endless gifs | #104

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吴亦凡quotes; 我希望是(可爱小王子)但是不是; I wish I was (the cute little prince) but I'm not

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dance the night away

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Fans already lining up for the Hong Kong Dome Music Festival which is in THREE days…….


Facts about Lay (EXO Minimalist Posters 5/12)

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130623 Asian Dream Cup

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